Evan Roe

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Birthday: February 9

July 2018

At a young age, Evan Roe began to show his love for acting in school plays and regional musical theater, displaying a natural propensity for acting and singing.

After concentrating on stage performance as a child, he started auditioning for television productions in Los Angeles during his early teen years. Soon, he was discovered by an agent and hasn’t stopped working since.

Roe’s television credits include “Saint George,” “Jessie,” “Bella and the Bulldogs” and “Sam and Cat.” Also, he appeared in his first independent film, “Time Toys.”

In his spare time, he enjoys drone photography, skateboarding and running. Additionally, Roe attained the Boy Scouts of America rank of Eagle Scout in December 2015.

Roe was born in Seattle and grew up in San Diego. Currently, he resides in New York City and Los Angeles. His birthday is Feb. 9. Follow him on Instagram @evanroeofficial.